IDS enterprise is where rayne summers works. the company is like a idea empire where people can come and look for solutions etc. rayne summers is the mastermind behind the company even thougth he doesnt own it directly it is he who goes to out of country stuff. like the "adult movie storyline". and the new york tour. he does a lot of weird stuff at the office. one of the things he enjoys the most is "playing with his girlfriend". she is not his girl friend thougth. she is just a lesbian. the people who work there only put up with him. rayne also has hired a few people who are working there. Archie is one of them. of course if you have read some of the series you know what kind of a giant asshole he is. he first goes through a great and hard test. but thats something you gotta read for yourself,

Raine is the best at the company and so far they have been the people with the most paitience in the whole world 

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