Ashley is Rayne's half-niece. He did not find out that she existed until the year of 2006. Rayne's mom had a relationship before she met his father, which lead to the birth of Ashley's mother (Rayne's half-sister). Sadly, Rayne's mom couldn't keep her daughter due to her young age and her fear of public scrutiny.

Since the discovery of Ashley's existence, she and Rayne have grown very close, going to comic conventions together and space camps. Rayne and Ashley think very much alike; they both like being incredibly irresponsible. After a period in which Ashley was having a lot of problems at school, her mom planned to put her on "perscripted drugs", or as Rayne would say it, "on the road to crackwhore hood". Rayne and his sister arranged a schedule of compromise: he picks her up 3 times a week and he helps her with homework (though he forgot at first even to feed her).